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Conference Location

3rd International Conference "Innovative Materials, Structures and Technologies is held in Riga Technical University, Faculty of Power and Electrical Engineering, Azenes street 12/1, Riga, Latvia.

Getting to the conference location (From Riga International Airport)

Bus No.22 (frequency 10 - 30 minutes) has direct services between the airport and the city centre. 

You will get out straight at the terminal on the 2nd level. To get on the bus at the airport look for bus stop located opposite the terminal behind the car park P1.

Take the bus No. 22 (schedule) till the bus stop "RMR" (journey time ~10 minutes), then change to the bus No. 53 (schedule) or minibus No. 236 and continue your trip till the bus stop "Preses nams" (journey time ~7 minutes). Then cross the road using the underpass

Journey time to city centre or conference venue about 30 minutes.

A ticket for an unlimited number of trips is valid 24 hours from its first usage and costs 5.00EUR. A regular ticket for one trip can be bought from the bus driver 2.00 EUR, but if you buy it before commencing your trip at the airport services and tourism information bureau "Welcome to Riga", a regular one-way ticket will cost you 1.15 EUR.