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Faculty of Civil Engineering of Riga Technical University in cooperation with National Research Programme  “Innovative Materials and Smart Technologies for Environmental Safety (IMATEH)” and Brno University of Technology is pleased to invite engineers and scientists from all over the world to attend the 3rd International Conference "Innovative Materials, Structures and Technologies" (IMST 2017) to be held in Riga on 27th - 29th September 2017.

The conference aims at promoting and discussing the latest results of industrial and academic research on analysis and design of advanced structures and buildings; innovative, ecological and energy efficient building materials; development of maintenance, inspection and monitoring methods; structural management; sustainable and safe transport infrastructure; geomatics and geotechnics. The conference is intended for scientists, engineers, students, managers and professionals of construction sector providing a possibility to share the latest achievements, discuss recent advances and highlight the current challenges. Participants will be given an excellent opportunity for networking, as well as, meeting colleagues and friends.

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On behalf of faculty of Civil Engineering of Riga Technical University and project Innovation Pathways to TES (INPATH-TES) would like to invite students to take part in Student Conference “Science or Fiction? – Imagine the future of thermal energy storage technologies and applications” that will be held in Riga on 29th September 2017. For more information, please, click here!